Forums & Symposia

Over the academic year, the CCTL venues for the exchange of ideas and perspectives on teaching and learning in higher education with those in the UChicago community and beyond, as well as the opportunity to learn about the logistics and culture of teaching at UChicago and in the Core Curriculum. 

Communities & Colloquia

The CCTL offers several opportunities for faculty and instructors to work together in a collaborative framework to develop their teaching practice and to explore and discuss ideas and challenges in their teaching, with the goal of developing new practices, resources, or curricula. Graduate students can get involved with the CCTL and work in community to develop resources and pedagogical development opportunities for their peers.

Certificates & Courses

The CCTL offers certificate programs and courses in college teaching for UChicago graduate students. Certificates provide opportunities for reflection and feedback on teaching and recognition of teaching development efforts. Graduate courses provide instruction and practice in key aspects of pedagogy.

Workshops & Discussions

The CCTL offers a variety of workshops and discussions throughout the academic year for faculty, instructors, graduate students, and undergraduate students in teaching support roles. These events explore the latest topics and research related to teaching and learning and offer the opportunity for participants to learn, practice, reflect, and build community.