Exploratory Teaching Groups

Exploratory Teaching Groups (ETGs) provide faculty and instructors a collaborative framework to explore and discuss ideas, issues, and challenges in their teaching, with the goal of developing new practices, resources, or other educational interventions. The year-long program is driven by the teaching interests and pedagogical development goals of faculty and instructors, so proposals are welcome on any topic and the format is flexible. Faculty and instructors may use ETGs to investigate new teaching strategies, tools, or approaches; to engage in a collaborative course (re)design project; or to advance any other project related to teaching and learning in their courses or programs. Possible formats include a pedagogical reading group, a series of structured discussions or workshops around a theme, a “working group” that tackles a particular topic or project, and so on. CCTL staff support the ETGs with regular check-ins and, when necessary, consultations and referral to relevant research or additional resources.   

See the full call for proposals for more information. Faculty and instructors are invited to discuss their proposals with the CCTL before submitting. Contact teaching@uchicago.edu with any questions or to make an appointment for discussing your proposal.