What is the Teaching Consultants Program?

The CCT’s Teaching Consultants (TCs) are a group of experienced graduate students dedicated to promoting excellence in graduate student teaching at the University of Chicago. TCs support the mission of the CCT by conducting Mid-Course Reviews (MCRs) and Individual Teaching Consultations (ITCs) for graduate students as well as postdoctoral teachers across the University of Chicago.

These consultation services provide graduate students and postdocs a confidential and non-judgemental space to explore teaching issues and challenges. TCs meet with graduate students and postdocs in all disciplines to discuss issues of course design, alignment of assignments, student motivation, student participation and engagement, or any teaching area in which the instructor is hoping to improve.

Why become a Teaching Consultant?

Teaching consultants have a unique opportunity to help advance teaching and learning across the University while continuing their own professional and pedagogical development. All TCs are prepared to conduct ITCs and MCRs through training by CCT staff and Senior Teaching Consultants in observing teaching strategies in the classroom, assessing student engagement, and communicating formative feedback on teaching.

As a TC you will join a community of graduate and postdocs dedicated to teaching. TCs attend 2 meetings each quarter where they have the opportunity to engage with and discuss scholarship on teaching and learning, share with one another their consultation experiences, and workshop and collaborate on best practices.  

The Teaching Consultants program is designed to be flexible to accomodate diverse graduate student and postdoc schedules. TCs are hired on a quarterly basis and paid a quarterly stipend. TCs may choose to work throughout the school year, or work as many quarters as their academic schedules allow. Each quarter TCs will 'bid' on consultation requests that match their own availability.

Apply to become a TC!

The CCT is regularly looking for exceptional graduate student and postdoctoral teachers to join our team of Teaching Consultants. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Applications consist of:

  • A cover letter specifying your interest and qualifications for the position
  • A CV highlighting your teaching experience and pedagogical training (courses, workshops, etc.)

Application submission process:

Applications will be considered according to the following criteria:

  • commitment to/interest in teaching
  • teaching experience (teaching assistantships or standalone courses)
  • interest in working with others around teaching and pedagogy
  • ​previous experience/engagement with the CCT (workshops, courses, ITCs, etc.)