Consultations and Support

For Graduate Students

The CCTL provides graduate students classroom observations through Individual Teaching Consultations, student feedback sessions through Mid-Course Reviews, and advice and guidance through one-on-one advising appointments.   

    Individual Teaching Consultations (ITCs) are a confidential, individualized way to get feedback on your teaching. CCTL Teaching Consultants are trained graduate students who have been trained as peer mentors in evidence-informed methods. The ITC consists of a pre-observation meeting, a classroom observation, a post-observation consultation, and a written report. The process is designed to give graduate instructors formative feedback in a confidential and low-pressure setting. The ITC is a requirement of the College Teaching Certificate, and the resulting report can form part of a teaching portfolio.  

    ITCs must be requested in the first two weeks of the quarter, and must take place between weeks three and seven. For questions, please contact the CCTL at 

    Individual Teaching Consultation Request Form 

    The CCTL staff are available to collect anonymous student feedback through a Midcourse Review (MCR). In the MCR process, a member of the CCTL staff will conduct a 20-minute focus group with your students to learn how they are experiencing your course midway through the quarter. After conducting the MCR, we will have a follow-up meeting with you to discuss the results. This service is confidential and is meant to provide constructive, in-depth feedback on your teaching.  

    To request an MCR, please complete the Midcourse Review Form below. To get the most out of the process we suggest conducting the student focus group in your course between the third and the seventh week of the quarter. For questions, please contact the CCTL at 

    Midcourse Review Form