The Pedagogy Fellows Program (PFP) for faculty and instructors supports UChicago academics in developing, extending, and revising fundamental teaching competencies. Selected faculty and instructors form a cohort of Fellows of the Chicago Center for Teaching and Learning (CCTL) and engage in a series of practice-oriented workshops organized around peer-to-peer discussions, along with classroom observation and formative feedback provided by both other Fellows and CCTL pedagogy specialists. In parallel and in conversation with these activities, Fellows revise a course syllabus, sharing and discussing key elements as part of the workshops along the way. The PFP draws on the experiences and reflections of program participants, facilitating the sharing of ideas and strategies with colleagues from across the curriculum, and informing these conversations with insights from the literature on teaching and learning. Newer faculty and instructors benefit from the support and insights generated by the pedagogical community of practice, while more experienced instructors benefit from the opportunity to reflect on their approach and share experiences and insights with colleagues from across the University.

Faculty and instructors who complete the program will receive $1000 in professional development funds to capitalize on the new pedagogical insights cultivated by the experience. They will also have the opportunity to be named an Associate Fellow of the CCTL, extending their affiliation with the Center for the following academic year (though this is not required).


Note, the call for applications for the 2023-24 academic year will be available in spring/summer. Sign up for the CCTL listserv to ensure you receive it.