In the Workshop on Teaching Portfolios, graduate students continue to critically examine the ways in which their course syllabus and teaching practices impact both classroom teaching and learning. The Workshop on Teaching Portfolios is ONLY open to students who have completed the Seminar on Teaching Portfolios within the previous calendar year. Workshop discussion and activity revolve around documents submitted by participants. Each participant will present a draft of the Statement of Teaching Philosophy from his/her Teaching Portfolio for feedback from the group. See our section on Professional Development for more on the relationship between the teaching portfolio and the academic job market process. 

Key components of the teaching portfolio include:

Table of Contents

Section I: Teaching Documents 

Statement of Teaching Philosophy (maximum 2 pages)

Teaching Biography

Teaching Strategies (optional)

Approach to Grading (optional)

Appendix: Syllabi, Assignment Guidelines, Rubrics, Student Work, and other documents supporting student learning

Section II: Professional Development

List of Seminars, Courses, Workshops on Teaching attended 

Teaching Awards: Prize Lectureships, Departmental Awards (as applicable)

Student Evaluation Tally (1 or more)

Individual Teaching Consultation Feedback Form

Other Feedback