Workshop on Course Design
Wednesday, February 14, 2018, 1:30-3:30 p.m.
Wieboldt 310 D/E 

After getting started in the Seminar, this Workshop provides a venue for graduate students and postdocs to get feedback on a course under development.  Participants create a draft syllabus and complete a “course alignment sheet” (distributed to those who register), and then come to the session ready to give and receive constructive feedback in cooperation with their peers, guided by CCT staff. Registration, and previous attendance at the Seminar, required. 

Logon to GRAD Gargoyle
Choose “Student/Alumni”
Once on the home page, follow these steps:
Choose Events > Choose Workshops > Select “Workshop on Course Design" > RSVP to the workshop.

About the Workshop on Course Design
Following the Seminar on Course Design, in the Workshop on Course Design, graduate students critically examine the links between the course syllabus and classroom learning by drafting their own syllabi and providing peer review. To participate in this workshop, you must have participated in the Seminar on Course Design and submit a draft syllabus.  The syllabus should minimally contain a course description, list of student learning objectives, attendance and assignment submission policiies, list of major assignments and a plan for grading.