The Seminar on Course Design examines the foundational concepts in teaching and learning and how to apply these ideas in a course plan that will support student learning and provide evidence of student learning. During the seminar, participants will create a plan for learning in the course, explaining to the other participants how this learning is linked to the final graded project, regardless of whether the course is their own or one institutionally prescribed. They will also begin to analyze their teaching goals and consider how to align those goals with student, program and/or institutional needs.

Since this seminar also interrogates ways of determining whether and how a course might be improved, it serves as a critical piece of learning for advanced graduate students who are preparing teaching documents for prospective employers. We encourage advanced graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to complete this workshop prior to enrolling in either the Seminar or Workshop on Teaching Portfolios or the Workshop on Philosophy of Teaching Statements.

After completing the seminar, we encourage participants to enroll in one of four workshops (scheduled quarterly) on assignments design before attending the Workshop on Course Design.  Assignment design workshops focus on assessing the role of assignments in relationship to the following topics: collaborative learning exercises, learning with the help of digital tools, using the library to enhance assignments, aligning assignments with course goals and grading schemes.