To support the transition to remote teaching, the CCT has been developing guides, leading pedagogical training sessions, and facilitating workshops to help instructors provide engaging learning experiences for students. 

As a result of our work thus far, we have assembled a diverse collection of resources and divided them into the following categories:

Frameworks and General Guidance: Pedagogical guides and instructional materials, developed and presented, by CCT staff.

Instructor Reflections: UChicago faculty and instructor observations and experiences from Spring quarter remote teaching.

Curated Resources: A collection of additional pedagogical tools and guides, focused on remote teaching and learning.

Consultations: CCT staff continue to offer consultations, now virtually.


For more technically focused assistance and resources, please visit:

UChicago Teaching Remotely: The University's Teaching Remotely website offers myriad guidance with technological tools and training to enable online instruction.

Academic Technology Solutions (ATS): Tools, practical instructions, and resources from the Uchicago office of Academic Technology Solutions.

Let us know your thoughts. Our hope is that everyone who visits will find something novel and inspiring to take away and share!  In that spirit, we welcome comments on what you find especially useful, or suggestions about additional resources to include on our site.