On November 3, 2020, the election will end within a unique context of a worldwide pandemic, national and global unrest, and extreme climate conditions. Understanding that the count may take time and that the result may be disruptive to our community regardless of outcome, we encourage faculty and instructors to prepare to support student uncertainty and interest in their classrooms.

It may be important to:

1. Be flexible by allowing time for students to process the election. Consider taking a break from scheduled syllabus topics and providing pre-recorded lectures and allowing time within your course to share concerns, ideas and emotions.

2. Acknowledge the moment with time, or discussion. See the curated resources below for specific strategies for discussion. 

3. Provide resources to students if they seem distressed and need to channel their political actions. 


Resources for Teaching and Learning

Here is a list of curated resources that offer strategies and actions for planning courses or framing conversations.

University of Chicago resources for students: