When: Regularly offered each quarter. See our list of Upcoming Events.
Who: For graduate students and postdocs preparing teaching materials for the academic job market and/or interested in completing one of our College Teaching Certificate programs.

Assembling a teaching portfolio helps us to think, talk, and write about our teaching with precision and sophistication. In developing a teaching portfolio, we sharpen our ability to critically reflect on our teaching successes and practices, presenting ourselves as knowledgeable, confident, and reflective teachers. Moreover, an online teaching portfolio enables you to share your teaching with a wider community, and can be an important asset on the academic job market. The Seminar and Workshop on Teaching Portfolios will introduce you to this genre of teaching documentation, including its components and the process of assembling one, and provide an opportunity for peer-feedback on a draft of your teaching portfolio.  

In the Seminar on Teaching Portfolios, we will discuss the components of a teaching portfolio and the ways in which they may be crafted and curated. By the end of this seminar, participants will be able to identify the elements of a teaching portfolio for which they already have content, plan for and seek out opportunities for generating content for other parts of the teaching portfolio, and begin assembling a teaching portfolio or e-portfolio.

After taking the Seminar on Teaching Portfolios, you should begin assembling the components of your teaching portfolio, and create a draft in PDF or online to present for feedback in the subsequent Workshop.  

The Workshop on Teaching Portfolios provides a venue for graduate students and postdocs to share and receive feedback on drafts of their teaching portfolios. Participants should have ready to share: a table of contents, statement of teaching philosophy, teaching biography/teaching experience, at least 1 syllabus, and a summary of student evaluations. The portfolio may be presented as a PDF or website. Participants should bring a laptop. Registration and previous attendance at the Seminar are prerequisites for attending the Workshop.  

Registration and attedance at the Seminar and Workshop on Teaching Portfolios fulfills requirement III.1. of the CCT College Teaching Certificate programs.


The Teaching Portfolio

While there is no one way to structure a teaching portfolio, the key components may include:

Table of Contents 

Section 1: Teaching Documents

  • Statement of Teaching Philosophy (maximum 2 pages)
  • Teaching Biography or Teaching Experience
  • Syllabi (2)
  • Proposed Courses (2-4)
  • Sample of Teaching Materials (e.g. assignments, rubrics, lesson plans, graded student work, and other documents related to student learning)

Section 2: Professional Development

  • Evaluation and Feedback
    • Student Evaluations (tallied summary)
    • Other external feedback (e.g. ITC Report, letter of observation)
  • Documentation of Pedagogical Training and Development (a list of seminars, courses, and workshops on teaching that you’ve attended at the CCT, in your department, or elsewhere)
  • Teaching Awards (e.g. prize lectureships, departmental awards)