When: Offered regularly. See our schedule of Upcoming Events for details and to register.
Who: Open to any graduate student or postdoc thinking about designing a course.

When designing a course for the first time, the temptation is often to start with a list of topics to cover. While determining course content is no doubt important, how can we situate that content within a framework that promotes student learning? In the Seminar on Course Design, participants will think through the elements of student-centered course design. Upon completion of the seminar, participants will have begun to draft a set of aligned learning objectives, teaching methods, and assessments aimed at facilitating active learning among their students.

Armed with this framework, participants will then draft a syllabus to submit for peer feedback during the follow up Workshop on Course Design. This Workshop provides a venue for graduate students and postdocs to get feedback on a course under development. Participants create a draft syllabus and complete a “course alignment sheet” (distributed to those who register), and then come to the session ready to give and receive constructive feedback in cooperation with their peers, guided by CCT staff.

For more information about this program, please contact Joseph Lampert (josephlampert@uchicago.edu).