When: Regularly offered each quarter. See our list of Upcoming Events.
Who: For graduate students and postdocs preparing teaching materials for the academic job market.  

The statement of teaching philosophy is an essential document for the academic job market and the cornerstone of any teaching portfolio. It articulates who we are as teachers, how we envision teaching in our discipline, and what strategies we use to actively engage our students. The process of writing a teaching statement pushes us to reflect critically on our teaching practices and how we communicate about teaching. Thus, writing a teaching statement also helps us to develop as teachers.

In the Seminar on Teaching Statements, we will explore what makes for an effective statement of teaching philosophy. Participants will review and evaluate sample teaching statements and begin drafting their own statement through a series of exercises. 

Utilizing this knowledge, participants may complete a draft teaching statement to submit for peer feedback during the subsequent Workshop on Teaching Statements.

The Workshop on Teaching Statements is aimed at graduate students and postdocs who are actively working on their statement of teaching philosophy and provides a venue for sharing and receiving feedback. Once registered, participants should send 1 copy of their statement to Julie Hanlon, jhanlon@uchicago.edu, and bring 2 printed copies of their teaching statement to the workshop to share with other participants. Prior participation in the Seminar on Teaching Statements is recommended, but not required.