When: Generally held during the first weeks of Autumn Quarter, with some exceptions. See our list of Upcoming Events.
Who: For graduate students teaching for the first time as TAs, CAs, Interns, etc.

The Fundamentals of Teaching Series provides guidance and support for graduate students as they undertake their first teaching responsibilities as TAs and Interns. In four 90-minute sessions, new graduate student teachers will develop a set of core teaching tools to help them reach students and have a successful first teaching experience. Each of the sessions will involve discussion of key topics in teaching, including how students learn, how to best activate students’ prior knowledge, crafting effective learning objectives, employing active learning strategies, and developing assessment techniques that facilitate your students’ learning. These discussions and workshops are placed within the framework of discipline and subject-specific content and teaching practices, exemplified in past Fundamentals of Teaching Series such as Teaching Literature, Teaching in the Social Sciences, and Science Teacher’s Toolkit. See Past Fundamentals Series

The Fundamentals of Teaching Series builds upon the orientation received during Teaching@Chicago and provides a venue for discussing and addressing the prospects and challenges of graduate students’ first teaching assignments (and are particularly well-suited to be attended alongside these first teaching assignments). The series is designed to help graduate students reflect on teaching from the perspective of student learning, to help create a community of fellow teachers, and thus, to help everyone gain greater confidence and ability in their teaching. It also satisfies one of the requirements for the CCT College Teaching Certificate