Associate Fellows of the CCTL are a group of faculty and instructors affiliated with the Center who enrich the pedagogical culture of the University by discussing their teaching experiences and providing collegial mentorship for other instructors on campus, among other activities. Faculty and instructors who have completed the CCTL’s Pedagogy Fellows Program are eligible to apply. The commitment is for one academic year.

Over the 2022-23 pilot year, Associate Fellows will engage in the following activities:

  • Co-facilitate one teaching roundtable on a topic of interest
  • Perform one classroom observation for a participant in the 2022-23 Pedagogy Fellows Program
  • Participate in quarterly Associate Fellows meetings and occasional social events

As a recognition of these contributions, Associate Fellows will receive $500 in professional development funds, to be distributed in July 2023. These funds may be used for books, technology, conference participation, or other expenditures to advance teaching and learning.