The Teaching Fellows program is designed to enhance pedagogical skills and extend research training for recent graduates of doctoral programs in the Divisions of the Humanities and Social Sciences and the Divinity School (as well as the MFA program in the Department of Visual Arts). The program fosters a learning community in which Fellows gain additional teaching experience, advance their research agendas, and engage in pedagogical and professional development with the guidance of the CCT, the Faculty Directors of the program, and a faculty mentor in a relevant department.

Fellows typically teach four courses a year (within their discipline and across the Core curriculum) for up to two years and are active members of the University’s intellectual and pedagogical community. Individuals accepted into the program have demonstrated excellence in their original scholarship and teaching. Applications open during Winter quarter for the following academic year.

CCT Director: Joseph Lampert, Director for Humanities and Social Sciences, CCT & Senior Lecturer in the College

Faculty Director for the Divinity School: Erin Galgay Walsh, Assistant Professor, Divinity School

Faculty Director for the Humanities: Heather Keenleyside, Associate Professor, English

Faculty Director for Social Sciences: Fredrik Albritton Jonsson, Associate Professor, History