Instructions for Applying

The deadline for applications for the 2021-2022 academic year is 

April 16, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

To apply, please complete the Online Application Form.

This application form consists of a short questionnaire and the following items:

1. Cover letter. Be sure to address the following:

  • Why you are interested in being a CCT Fellow
  • Your experience and skills as a teacher
  • Idea(s) you have for a teaching development project to implement in your department or division
  • You have the option to provide a standard written cover letter (500 words max) or to record a brief video addressing the above points (5 minutes max). If you choose to record a video, please make sure the link to your video works and the video is accessible to our reviewers.

2. Teaching Experience and Pedagogical Development

  • A list of all your teaching experiences, organized in reverse chronological order. For each teaching experience, you might include:
    • Course titles, number of students enrolled, quarters or number of years taught, length (e.g., 10 weeks, 4 weeks, 16 weeks)
    • Your role in the course: TA, Writing Intern, language assistant, lecturer, preceptor
    • Brief description of responsibilities (2-3 sentences or bullet points)
  • A list of workshops, courses, and other events you have attended to help develop and reflect on your teaching practices

3. Statement of teaching philosophy (500 words max)

4. Verification of good academic standing

  • For example, an email from your advisor or department administrator confirming that you are in good academic standing.

5. Evidence of teaching effectiveness. This must be uploaded as a SINGLE document. Such evidence may include:

  • Teaching evaluations. No more than 2 courses. May send originals or a summary.
  • Report from an Individual Teaching Consultation or Mid-Course Review
  • Letter of observation from someone who has seen you teach – mentor, advisor, or peer
  • Link to a short (no more than 5 minutes) video demonstrating your teaching practice (e.g., part of a recorded Zoom class or Panopto lecture)
  • A sample of student work (e.g., final project, essay, discussion, etc.) along with a brief explanation contextualizing it

Please note: Not every applicant will necessarily have all of these materials. If you do have them, please submit them. If you do not have them, this does not rule you out from consideration, so please do apply.

Selections will be announced via email in early May.