What is the Graduate Teaching Consultant Program?

The CCT’s Teaching Consultants are a group of experienced graduate students dedicated to promoting excellence in graduate student teaching at the University of Chicago. TCs are trained in the science of teaching and learning in order to help brainstorm with other graduate students about their classes through Mid-Course Reviews and Individual Teaching Consultations. The TC program provides graduate students with a safe and confidential place to explore teaching issues and discuss teaching challenges. TCs meet with graduate student instructors in all disciplines to discuss issues of course design, alignment of assignments, participation, student motivation, or any teaching area in which the instructor is hoping to improve.  Any graduate students can request a consultation by emailing teaching@college.uchicago.edu.

Why become a teaching consultant (TC)?

Teaching consultants have a unique opportunity to help advance graduate teaching and learning across the university while continuing their own development as teachers. All TCs receive training in consulting techniques from the CTL, including how to conduct individual teaching consultations (ITCs) and mid-course reviews (MCRs).

Apply to become a TC!

We encourage doctoral students planning to pursue careers in academia to consider applying for the position of teaching consultant (TC).

Applications will be considered according to the following criteria:

  • commitment to/interest in teaching
  • teaching experience (teaching assistantships or standalone courses)
  • interest in working with others around teaching and pedagogy

To submit an application, please send a cover letter and CV addressed to Kiki Zissimopoulos (teaching@college.uchicago.edu). The cover letter should address the applicant’s interest in and commitment to teaching. The CV should list all relevant teaching experience.

Preference will be given to applicants who have completed the ITC (Individual Teaching Consultation) process.