In addition to our morning panel on Friday, September 22nd titled, "Teaching in the Core: Promoting Student-Centered Learning," to be held from 10:45am-12pm in Stuart Hall 101, the Chicago Center for Teaching is collaborating with the College to offer a program called "Workshop on Teaching in the Core" from 2-4:30 that same afternoon. If you'd like to attend the morning session, register here, and if you'd like to attend the Workshop on Teaching in the Core, register here

Workshop on Teaching in the Core 

The Core curriculum is a defining feature of undergraduate education in the College, and can be one of the more rewarding teaching experiences at the University of Chicago.  Our aim today is to discuss the goals and distinctive pedagogical issues that characterize the Core.


2:00-2:20 Welcoming Remarks

Joseph Lampert, Associate Director, Chicago Center for Teaching

James Sparrow, Associate Professor of United States History and the College;
Master, Social Sciences Collegiate Division

Christopher Wild, Associate Professor of Germanic Studies, Theater and
Performance Studies, and the College; Master, Humanities Collegiate Division

2:20-3:05 What Should Students Get Out of the Core? How Do Core Instructors Work Together?: The View from Three Core Chairs

Samantha Fenno, Lecturer, Humanities Collegiate Division
Chair, “Human Being and Citizen”

Gary Herrigel, Professor of Political Science and the College
Chair, “Power, Identity, and Resistance”

Sarah Nooter, Assistant Professor of Classics and the College
Chair, “Greek Thought and Literature”

Moderator: Joseph Lampert, Associate Director, Chicago Center for Teaching

3:05-3:15 Break

3:15-4:30 Core Pedagogy: Teaching for Independent Thinking

Elizabeth Fagan, Lecturer in the Core: “Power, Identity, and Resistance;” CCT
Teaching Mentor

Andrew Junker, Collegiate Assistant Professor, Social Sciences Core: “Self,
Culture, and Society”

Mark Loeffler, Lecturer in the College and Core Chair: “Self, Culture, and

Moderator: William Rando, Director, Chicago Center for Teaching; Associate
Dean in the College