Course Design and College Teaching (CCTE 50000)

The aim of this graduate seminar style course is to help graduate students and postdocs from across the disciplines prepare to teach in the college classroom.  Over the course of the term, we read literature on teaching and learning and use that scholarship to reflect on our own teaching practice.  We start at the beginning by thinking first about how people learn.  Next we turn our attention to course design and consider what kind of structure will help us promote learning in our students.  We then consider assessment: how do we know students are learning, and how can the work we assign them promote meaningful engagement with course material?  We then think about what happens in the classroom by exploring different teaching methods, and what can be said for (and against) them.  We also consider the issue of inclusion in the classroom, discussing how to create a welcoming and productive classroom environment.

Alongside this process of reading, reflection, and discussion, students are also engaged in designing a course of their own.  This endeavor takes the form of a course design project, which should serve as the foundation for a course you plan to teach soon, either in the College, at a Chicago-area institution, or in your first year as a faculty member.  Students also produce a statement of teaching philosophy that articulates their approach to teaching.

This course is offered P/F fulfills a central requirement for the College Teaching Certificate offered by the CCT.

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