To Visit CCT

The Chicago Center for Teaching offices and conference rooms are in two locations:

  • Wieboldt Hall, 3rd Floor. Offices 314, 315, 316, and 317. Conference room 310 D/E. Willian Rando, Kiki Zissimopoulos & Cheryl Richardson work from Wieboldt Hall.
  • Gates-Blake, 1st Floor. Offices 101, 101A, 102, and 132. Conference Room 133. Joe Lampert works from Gates-Blake.


Take the Harper West elevator to the third floor. Enter through the doors to the Arley D. Cathey Learning Center. Note: These doors are locked during the summer, so please call ahead. CCT staff offices office and the Wieboldt classrooms are through the door marked "Wieboldt." As you enter the third floor of Wieboldt, the CCT classrooms will be directly in front of you.


Take the Wieboldt elevator to the third floor. Turn right, following the signs for the East Asian Literature and Civilizations department. Turn right, past the reception area for EALC, and the left down the hallway and through the double doors. The CCT's classrooms will be on your left along the hallway wall. The CCT staff offices are in a small corridor to the left.


Walk to the east end of Wieboldt and you will find a service elevator (it is just inside the 59th St. delivery entrance.) Take that elevator to the third floor. The CCT staff offices are in a small corridor to the right as you step out of the elevator.


You can enter Gates-Blake directly on the Quad to the first floor, or connect to the building via Goodspeed or Cobb on the second floor, and walk down to the first floor.