By engaging in an Individual Teaching Consultation (ITC), graduate student instructors and TAs are able to reflect on their teaching practices and identify areas for pedagogical development. The ITC process provides an important opportunity for graduate students to engage with concrete and detailed feedback on their teaching during their time at the University of Chicago.

An ITC consists of three steps:

1.  Pre-Observation Meeting

You meet with a CCT Teaching Consultant (TC), a fellow graduate student trained in classroom observation and feedback practices, to discuss your course and consultation goals.

2.  Observation

The TC will observe your class, record it with a video camera, and take notes.

3.  Post-Observation Meeting

You will receive a recording of the class to review and meet with the TC to have a constructive conversation about your teaching.

Upon conclusion of the consultation process, you will receive a written report summarizing the process and feedback from the TC. The report and the entire process is confidential, though you may include the report in your teaching portfolio to document your reflective approach to teaching.

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