The CCT’s Teaching Consultants are a group of experienced graduate student teachers dedicated to supporting their peers and promoting excellence in teaching at the University of Chicago. Teaching Consultants (or TCs) offer two types of services to empower graduate student instructors to assess and reflect on their teaching practices. In a Mid-Course Review (MCR), the TC visits the classroom and after the instructor leaves, facilitates a conversation with the students on what practices are supporting their learning and what are some areas for improvement. The TC then summarizes this anonymous feedback and discusses it with the instructor so they know what's working and can make any necessary adjustments prior to the end of the quarter. In an Individual Teaching Consultation (ITC), the TC observes and records a class session, then shares this video with the instructor to review. During the post-meeting, the TC and instructor share observations and feedback and together develop concrete strategies for the instructor's pedagogical development.


Interested in requesting a consultation and want to learn more?

Email Julie A. Hanlon, Asst. Director of Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Programs ( and/or Rostom Mbarek, Lead Teaching Consultant (