One-on-One Consultations 

CCTL staff are available to discuss anything related to your teaching. We are happy to meet with individuals and departments to discuss topics such as course and syllabus design, inclusive teaching, teaching strategies and challenges, interpreting student feedback, grant proposals, or any other pedagogical topics. See our availability and book an appointment for a virtual meeting here.

Midcourse Reviews 

In a Midcourse Review (MCR) a member of the CCTL staff will conduct a 20-minute focus group with your students to learn how they are experiencing your course midway through the quarter. The MCR is organized around two questions: 

1. What is one thing your instructor is doing that helps to support your learning? 

2. What is one thing your instructor could do differently to better support your learning? 

After conducting the MCR, we will have a follow-up meeting with you to discuss the results. This service is confidential and is meant to provide constructive, in-depth feedback on your teaching. 

To request an MCR, book a 30-minute pre-consultation during which we will discuss your course, areas of feedback you are interested in, and when would be a good time to conduct the focus group in your class.