The Teaching Demonstration

The teaching demonstration is an opportunity to show the search committee your skills in teaching and your commitment to student learning. It is also an opportunity to show that you have done your research, understand the mission of the school and its students, and are enthusiastic about teaching in this field/discipline/department. 

Prior to the consultation:

Please send a draft of the lesson plan for your teaching demonstration via email AT LEAST 24 hours before your scheduled consultation. A lesson plan should include: 

  • Information about the duration of the class/demonstration
  • The division of this time into discrete periods of teaching: lecture, discussion, class activity, etc.
  • A description of what will teach (content) and how (e.g. PowerPoint, hand-out, black board, etc.)
  • A contingency plan for a) if a section of the class period runs over or b) if you complete the lesson plan early

During the consultation:

CCT staff will meet with you for 30 minutes and address any questions or concerns you may have. We will also provide you with written and oral feedback on your lesson plan and help you to brainstorm ways to create a more engaging teaching demonstration.

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