Are you teaching a Core Course and need help developing the syllabus? Are you hoping to apply for a prize lectureship at the University of Chicago or an adjunct teaching position in the Chicago area and need help getting started on designing your course or feedback on a draft of your proposed syllabus? Are you preparing a syllabus as part of a teaching portfolio or academic job market package? Are you seeking to improve and revamp a syllabus from a previous quarter? When designing a course for the first time, the temptation is often to start with a list of topics to cover. While determining course content is no doubt important, it is important to consider how we can situate that content within a framework that promotes student learning. In one-on-one consultations with CCT staff will help you to through the elements of student-centered course design. 

For initial guidance and feedback on course and syllabus design, the CCT recommends all graduate students and postdocs attend our Seminar and Workshop on Course Design or enroll in Course Design and College Teaching (CTE50000). Both programs are offered by the CCT each quarter. 

Participation in one of these programs is recommended, though not required, prior to signing up for a one-on-one consultation with CCT Staff on course and syllabus design.

Prior to the consultation:

Please send or upload a draft syllabus and any other relevant documents AT LEAST 24 hours before your scheduled consultation.

During the consultation:

CCT staff will meet with you for 20-30 minutes and address any questions or concerns you may have. We will also discuss the principles of course design and formulating course goals and provide both written and oral feedback on the syllabus. 

Sign up for a consultation today! See Scheduling Instructions.