• Thomas Dannenhoffer-Lafage

    Teaching Consultant Liaison

    Thomas is a Theoretical Chemistry Ph.D. student in the Voth group. He studies coarse-grained methods for making molecular models. Thomas has previously been part of the Science Literacy Program at the University of Oregon where he helped teach science courses for non-science majors by employing active learning techniques. At the University of Chicago, Thomas has been a teaching assistant for both comprehensive general chemistry and honors general chemistry.

  • Borja Sotomayor

    Teaching Mentor

    Borja Sotomayor (SM’07, PhD’10) is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, and the Academic Director of the Masters Program in Computer Science. Borja has been involved in the Center for Teaching since 2008, where he currently teaches workshops on collaborative learning and other subjects.

  • Emily Dreyfus

    Senior Teaching Consultant

    Emily is Ph.D. student in the Department of Germanic Studies. Her work focuses on the meaning of 19th-century German music in 20th-century literature and film. She has taught numerous stand-alone courses in the College, including the first year German sequence, and served as the Graduate Assistant and Instructor for the Study Abroad program ‘Vienna in Western Civilization’ earlier this academic year. In 2015, she was awarded the Wayne C. Booth Graduate Student Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

  • Nate Earnest

    Senior Teaching Consultant

    Nate is a PhD student in the physics department working with Professor David Schuster, focusing on the dynamics and stability of the quantum world with tiny circuits. Through a variety of different paths, Nate has consistently pursued the goal of helping people learn, most recently through the after school outreach program “Science Technology Mentoring Program” and now as a teaching consultant with the CCT. Coming from Colorado, he enjoys hikes in wooded areas and enjoys taking macro photos of anything small.

  • Nell Hawley

    Senior Teaching Consultant

    Nell is a fourth-year PhD student in South Asian Languages and Civilizations, where she studies Sanskrit literature and is teaching the first two quarters of the introductory Sanskrit language sequence. Before coming to Chicago, Nell worked in elementary education in New York City.

  • Nicole James

    Senior Teaching Consultant

    Nicole is a PhD candidate in the Chemistry Department who works in the Jaeger Lab in the Physics Department, where she studies non-Newtonian fluid dynamics. She began at University of Chicago in 2013 as an Honors General Chemistry TA, for which she received the Wayne C. Booth Graduate Student Prize for Excellence in Teaching. She has been the Collaborative Learning in Chemistry (CLiC) program TA since 2014. Nicole is particularly interested in active engagement techniques and pedagogical strategies to promote writing and communication skills in STEM fields.

  • Sara Massey

    Senior Teaching Consultant

    Sara is a Physical Chemistry Ph.D. student in the Engel Group. She has experience as a general chemistry TA at both University of Chicago and UT Austin. Sara also teaches an after school science club at NKO elementary through the Science and Technology Outreach and Mentoring (STOMP) program.

  • Monica Phillips

    Senior Teaching Consultant

    Monica is a PhD Candidate in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, where she is completing her dissertation on a collection of Sumerian temple hymns from ancient Iraq during the 2nd millennium BCE. In her time at the University of Chicago, she has been a Course Assistant, a Writing Intern in the Humanities Core sequence "Language and the Human", a Lector for "Academic and Professional Writing", a NELC BA Preceptor, and an MA Preceptor for the Center for Middle Eastern Studies. She also helped to design and coordinate the advanced pedagogy course for NELC in 2015, has taught in the Museum Education program of the Oriental Institute Museum, and was an adjunct professor at Brigham Young University in 2012 and 2014.

  • Jessica Robinson

    Senior Teaching Consultant

    Jessica is a PhD Candidate in the department of Anthropology, where she is working on a dissertation that explores environmental stewardship in the Bahamas. She has extensive teaching experience at the University, having taught undergraduate classes in the Common Core, an Anthropology department Starr Prize Lectureship, and is currently a Preceptor in the MA Program in the Social Sciences. She has been a Teaching Consultant since 2010.

  • Rebecca Thompson

    Senior Teaching Consultant

    Becca is a physical chemistry PhD student in the Sibener lab. She has many years of experience as both a TA and tutor for general (and sometimes organic) chemistry at University of Chicago and, previously, at Amherst College. Before graduate school, she worked for two years as a team leader in the technical services division of a healthcare software company.

  • Melanie Zeck

    Senior Teaching Consultant

    Melanie is a PhD candidate in music history. In addition to serving as a Teaching Consultant, Melanie co-designed and subsequently coordinated the Graduate Music Pedagogy Course for three years. Melanie has taught Western art music courses for undergraduate non-majors since 2011 as well as Advanced/Professional Writing for the Little Red Schoolhouse since 2013, for which she won the 2013 Francis X. Kinahan Award for excellence as a teacher of advanced undergraduate writing. She has also served as an instructor in Columbia College’s music department since 2011.

  • Ebenezer Concepción

    Teaching Consultant

    Ebenezer is a native of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands and grew up in Union City, New Jersey. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Saint Peter’s University (Jersey City, NJ) in Spanish and in Latin American & Latino Studies. He joined the Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Studies PhD program at UChicago in fall 2012 and focuses on Latin American literatures of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, particularly those of the Spanish-speaking Antilles. His research explores the intersection of sex, gender, and race in twentieth-century Cuban narrative and how it often warrants a postmodern approach to literary criticism and analysis. His dissertation will focus on the works of Cuban writer Alfonso Hernández-Catá (1885-1940) and the construction of sexed, gendered, and racialized subjects at the turn of the nineteenth century.

  • Alex Haskins

    Teaching Consultant

    Alex is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Chicago, specializing in the history of eighteenth and nineteenth century East Asian, European, and American political thought. He also works in the emerging field of comparative political theory. He has both interned and lectured in the Classics of Social and Political Thought sequence and has interned in the America in World Civilization sequence of the College Core. Additionally, he has served as a TA and a BA preceptor in the Political Science Department.

  • Heather Mangelsdorf

    Teaching Consultant

    Heather is a PhD Candidate in Psychology completing her dissertation on physiological, affective, and cognitive factors underlying learning. As a scholar and educator, she is interested in understanding how people learn and developing creative techniques for engaging students and maximizing learning. Heather has led numerous pedagogical workshops as a Teaching Fellow with the CCT and is passionate about helping researchers become student-focused teachers. She was awarded the John Dewey Prize Lectureship for her course on how our bodies can reveal and change the way we think and feel. She has also been a stand-alone instructor for Cognitive Psychology, Mindful Leadership, and in the Social Sciences Core, a teaching assistant for Psychological Statistics, and Preceptor for the Undergraduate Psychology Program. For more information, please visit heathermangelsdorf.com.