The Chicago Center for Teaching's fall orientation for graduate lecturers and course assistants, formerly known as the Workshop on Teaching in the College, has been renamed to the Teaching@Chicago Conference. This year, the program will take place on Wednesday, September 20th. This program is open to graduate students across all of the divisions who are preparing to teach either in the College or at another University, in the near future or as preparation for an academic career. This workshop features individual sessions on an array of topics including:

  • Inclusive Teaching 

  • Undergraduate Perspectives on What Makes a Good Teacher

  • Effective Grading Strategies 

  • Key Challenges in Teaching

  • Mid-Course Adjustments

  • Teaching Your Own Course

  • How to Plan for Conceptual Learning

  • The Roles and Duties of the Course Assistant

Attendance is required in order to be eligible for the College Teaching Certificate.