All instructors want their students to learn through challenging and productive engagement with texts, questions, ideas, and each other. Sometimes, though, something hinders this learning process, stalling classroom conversations, making students feel uncomfortable to the point that they can't learn, or impacting students in ways that instructors cannot readily assess. The CCT and other units on campus regularly offer programs around the topic of inclusive teaching with the aim of helping instructors navigate issues like diversity, stereotype threat, microaggressions, and bias in the classroom and develop inclusive teaching strategies. These programs are designed to work with instructors to ensure that all students can actively participate and feel included in the learning process at all stages of their undergraduate education. Come learn with and from a group of peers about ways to teach inclusively!

Independent Workshops 

Winter 2017

Feburary 1st: Gender, Sexuality, and Pedagogy: A Roundtable 

February 10th: Creating an Enabling Classroom Environment

February 16th: Teaching Race in the Core Part 1: Syllabus Design 

March 2nd: Teaching Race in the Core Part 2: Classroom Techniques 


Spring 2017

The Teaching Hour Series

April 3rd: Readings in Critical Pedagogy: Paulo Freire and bell hooks

April 12th: Confronting Bias in the Classroom 


Units within Larger Programs

Effective Teaching in STEM: Fostering Inclusive Classrooms 

College Teaching: Unit on Inclusive Teaching

Teaching@Chicago: Panel on Inclusive Teaching 


Campus Partners 

Race and Pedagogy Working Group

UChicagoGRAD: Diversity and Inclusion

Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture 

Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality 

Craft of Teaching Program

Student Disability Services 


Readings and Resources 

On Stereotype Threat

On Implicit Bias

On Inclusive Teaching

On Free Speech and the Classroom