In fall 2016, new requirements for the CTC took effect.  Graduate students and postdocs who began at UChicago in fall 2016 or later must satisfy the revised requirements.  Graduate students and postdocs who entered UChicago before fall 2016 may choose between the two sets of requirements.

Pre-2016 Certificate Requirements

To earn the Certificate, you are required to:

1) Attend the Teaching@Chicago conference in the fall.

2) Complete your department’s pedagogy course.*

  • If your department does not currently offer such a course, you should collaborate with one or more faculty members and other interested graduate students to organize 20 hours of meeting time investigating the following questions: What skills and knowledge are undergraduates expected to acquire in order to earn the baccalaureate? What assignments and related activities will allow students to practice learning these skills and knowledge?
  • If you cannot find interested faculty members, the Center strongly urges you to pursue the remaining requirements as the steps to earning the Certificate strengthen your abilities to speak and write persuasively about your pedagogical goals and strategies, collect feedback on your teaching, and reflect critically and practically about student learning. You may request a letter from the director of the certificate program confirming your attendance and completion of all other requirements by emailing the program coordinator.

* Please note that TA prep courses do not count as an advanced pedagogy course in your department.

3) Participate in an Individual Teaching Consultation.

4) Participate in Preparing Future Faculty Series of Seminars and Workshops. Each of these are offered once per quarter. The following sessions are required for the certificate, though we encourage you to participate in our other workshops and seminars as well:

  • Seminar on Course Design
  • Workshop on Course Design
  • Seminar on Teaching Portfolios
  • Workshop on Teaching Portfolios

5) Submission of a completed Teaching Portfolio, which should include:

  • Table of Contents
  • Statement of Teaching Philosophy (maximum 2 pages)
  • Teaching Biography
  • Teaching Strategies (optional)
  • Approach to Grading (optional)
  • Appendix: Syllabi, Assignment Guidelines, Rubrics, Student Work, and other documents supporting student learning
  • Professional Development: List of Seminars, Courses, and Workshops on Teaching attended
  • Teaching Awards: Prize Lectureships, Departmental Awards (as applicable)
  • Student Evaluation Tally (1 or more)
  • ITC Feedback Form
  • Other Feedback

After you have decided to pursue the Certificate, register with the Center’s Program Coordinator by filling out this form.