Excellence In Course Design Award

Excellence in Course Design and Assessment Award

Each year, the Center for Teaching and Learning acknowledges the accomplishments of advanced graduate students in course design and assessing student learning. The Center for Teaching and Learning professional staff and teaching consultants review all nominees and provide constructive feedback.

To be considered for the award, graduate students should assemble a dossier that includes:

  • course syllabus
  • examples of assignments
  • examples of student work (one or more)
  • student evaluations
  • reflective essay on the course (maximum 500 words)

The reflective essay will be evaluated on whether:

  • it articulates clearly an assessment of student learning in the course (in other words, does it describe persuasively both failures and successes?), and
  • it suggests, based on this assessment, ways in which the course might be improved in the future.

The submission deadline for this year's award is June 18th. You may read about the submission procedures by clicking here: 2014 Submission Procedures: Excellence in Course Design and Assessment Awards

Previous award winners:


  • Nicholas Koziolek, Philosophy, for his course, "Knowledge and the Concept of Mind"


1st Place:

  • Brandon Cline, New Testament & Early Christian Lit., for his course “Being Christian in the Roman Empire”

Honorable Mentions

  • Dan Kimmel, Sociology, for his course “Social Science Inquiry”

  • Anthony Mahler, Germanic Studies, for his course “The Imagery / Figurality of German Poetry”

  • James McCormick, Social Thought / Germanic Studies, for his course “Classics of Social and Political Thought”

  • Santiago Mejia-Rivas, Philosophy, for his course “Who am I? Reflections on Identity, Agency, and Unconscious Activity”


  • Susan Gaunt Stearns, PhD, Department of History
  • Benjamin Schonthal, PhD Candidate, Divinity School—History of Religions


  • Mikael Wolfe, PhD Candidate, Department of History
  • Rebecca Graff, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology


  • Clare Sammells, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology
  • Nate Zuckerman, PhD Candidate, Department of Philosophy